Client Certification & Training

Enrollment Cost

  • Cost for enrollment varies between clients from $9.99 – $250.
  • Vouchers are often available for courses.
  • Some clients require additional equipment besides the basics.
  • Equipment assistance is offered & financing is accessible for certain clients which require additional equipment.

Opportunity Announcements

These are located on the portals homepage. Opportunities come & go quickly. If the client is in high demand of CSP’s it may be posted for a longer period of time to gather as many CSP’s possible. Where as some clients demand for CSP’s could be low meaning these opportunities fill quickly because not many CSP’s are needed by that particular client at the time.

When viewing the opportunity announcement you’ll find:

  • Name of client, description, & class cost
  • Minimum hours required to work per week (usually it’s 15hrs per week)
  • Course start/finish dates
  • View & select class times
  • Service revenue
  • Course schedule; usually 3 parts
  1. Phase One: Instructor Led eLearning & Self-paced Work
  2. Phase Two: Instructor Led Learning & Classroom Call-Taking Earn While You Learn!
  3. Phase Three: Certification Call-Taking Earn While You Learn!
  • Client System & Equipment Policy
  • Peak hours available
  • Security Verification:
  1. Background check
  2. Affidavit of I.D. Notarized
  3. Drug Test (not all clients require a drug test)
  • Service Level Requirements & Metrics
  • Certification Completion Criteria

This is a CONTRACT based opportunity!

Work with It’s True L.L.C!! Have questions or concerns?? Please submit the form below!

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